Sports Medicine

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With over 40 years of sports medicine and orthopedic experience treating injuries, our medical team knows how to get you back in the game. Rather your dealing with chronic conditions such as degenerative disc pain or knee arthritis, our physicians have the tools to turn back the clock and get you’re the relief you want. 

Meet The Doctor

Tala Anouti

With over 8 years of practice in sports medicine, Tala has developed into one of the top clinicians in the country for injury diagnosis and treatment. With a caring heart and world-class injection skills, her patients seem to always achieve amazing results. She specialises in spinal, joint and muscle treatments that provide lasting pain relief.

Sports Medicine Procedures

Our staff has an array of regenerative procedures that work with the body to heal injuries and reduce chronic pain. Our medical staff has years of extensive training in image guided injections, so you can be sure that we deliver stem cells, prp and prolotherapy to the right spot everytime. Some of the procedures we do in our office include but are not limited to: 

Visco-gel Injections

These amazing injections restore lubricating fluid that reduces painful friction in dry and arthritic joints. Patients notice joints feel rejuvenated as hyaluronic acid (the active ingredient in wrinkle cream) rapidly hydrates the cartilage in the knee. 


Instability is the main source of pain in degenerative conditions such as spinal arthritis and hip arthritis. As joints wear down over time, ligaments become too relaxed and muscles tighten and spasm to support the area. Prolotherapy is a dextrose solution that is injected into injured ligaments to spur on the natural healing response that adds support to the area. As the body works to repair the area, ligaments tighten up and painful muscle spasms relax as the area has the stability it needs. 

Trigger Point Injections

These comfortable injections have been providing safe and effective release for painful muscle spasms for over 50 years. Trigger point injections use saline and lidocaine to break up deep scar tissue, relax tight muscles and significantly improve range of motion in areas of tension all over the body. 

Other Procedures We Offer At Our Office

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