Physical Therapy

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Our Physical Therapists understand you are looking to get back to your pain free lifestyle without limitations. Our team combines hands on massage with active release stretching to relax tight muscles that restrict motion and cause pain.  Patients who work with our therapists experience focused and guided rehabilitation exercises that target muscles and speed up recovery. If you want great results that last, the team at Modern Physical Therapy and Sports Medicine are here to help. 

What Our Patients Are Saying

Why You Should Try Physical Therapy

Physical Therapy Treats The Cause of The Injury

Healthy Functioning joints and muscles do not relay pain signals to the brain. Only in cases where there is trauma or dysfunction will a muscle feel the need to warn the brain with symptoms. Physical Therapy is designed to strengthen, stretch and heal the body through physical activity.

Avoid Unnecessary Surgery or Medications

Everyone understands that pills are not a cure and can have dangerous side effects. Pain medications are highly addictive and wreck the organs. Although surgery is necessary in some cases, 96% of injuries do NOT require surgical intervention. 

Improves Chances of Full Recovery

Clinical studies show combining physical therapy with sports medicine is 5x more effective in a one year follow up than sports medicine injections alone. 

Prevent Further Injury

Strengthening muscles and improving range of motion is important to heal current injuries and prevent future damage. Studies show individuals with adequate core strength are 4x less likely to experience low back pain. Fixing muscle compensations are important to reduce strain and tension on painful muscles. 

Multiple Treatment Options To Help You

Physical Therapy With Our Team

Rather if you’re dealing with chronic neck and back pain or a recent knee injury, our knowledgeable staff has treatments for everyone. Our physical therapists use diagnostic ultrasound to identify muscle and ligament damage such as rotator cuff and ACL tears on the first visit and customize rehab for your individual needs. Some common conditions our physical therapists can help with include but are not limited to: 

  • Sciatica 
  • Bulging discs 
  • Knee and Hip Arthritis 
  • Rotator Cuff Injury 
  • Sprained ankles  
  • And Much More….. 

What We Offer Patients

Physical Therapy Can Help With Many Conditions

Improve Balance & Risk of Falls

Facilitate Healing After Surgery

Reduce Spinal Disc Pain

Muscle and Ligament Injuries

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