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A message from the doctor.

Dr. Josh Adams

My late father Josh Adams senior struggled with debilitating back pain for most of his life. 3 Herniated discs in his low back from an old football injury that caused constant pinching to the nerves that run down the back of the leg. My father's story of going to the doctor's office, being seen for 10 minutes, and leaving with more prescriptions is unfortunately a story many people can relate to. Soon he found himself on over 17 different medications, over 400 pounds, and told that he was too heavy to get the back surgery he needed. He caught a staph infection during gastric bypass surgery and passed away when I was 17. I made a promise that when I became a doctor that I was going to do something more for patients.

I dedicated this company in honor of my father with the mission to help out people in pain, treat patients as we would your own family, and exceed every expectation our patients have. We hired the most passionate and skilled doctors and therapists to ensure that our patients have the best possible chance to avoid surgery and get back enjoying life pain-free again. I guarantee that after you experience your first visit, you will know you made the right choice.

Dr Josh Adams, CEO

Meet The Team

Dr. Jana Kray

A patient favorite, Jana brings her 15+ years of experience to the Arizona Medical and Sports Rehab Staff . Jana is one of the nations best at diagnosing the hidden causes of patient's pain. She developed her skills for myofascial release and rehab protocols by working alongside some of the top sports medicine doctors and therapists in her home state of Iowa.

Tala Anouti

With over 8 years of practice in sports medicine, Tala has developed into one of the top clinicians in the country for injury diagnosis and treatment. With a caring heart and world-class injection skills, her patients seem to always achieve amazing results. She specialises in spinal, joint and muscle treatments that provide lasting pain relief.

Dr. Grady Swick

An Arizona Native who has made a name for himself for his skills in chiropractic and advanced postural rehabilitation. He is one of 3 providers in the State of Arizona who has an advanced degree in Neuro-muscular Dynamic Stabilization (DNS). A technique that rapidly improves the ability of the brain to activate weak muscles of the core and extremities.

Dr. Harolyn Gilles

With Over 40 years treating patients, Dr Gilles has helped thousands of patients achieve the pain relief they have been looking for. Her guidance in diagnosis and treatment have led to many of the amazing results patients have achieved in our office.

Dr. Josh Adams

A native of Kentucky, Dr. Josh Adams has been a patient favorite since he moved out to Arizona in 2014. The man who they call “Dr Josh” is one of the most sought out doctors in Arizona for his ability to diagnose, educate and treat patients with severe issues. Extremely skilled in examination, reading x-rays, MRI’s and CT scans Dr Josh is known for spending time with patients and explaining their issues in simple terms patients can understand.

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